Page, AZ

The first time I heard of Antelope Canyon was when I was reading this article, and since then I’ve see it a lot on Pinterest. I was excited to check it out for myself and to see if it really is as pretty as the pictures are. It did not disappoint!

Antelope Canyon is on Navajo land. In order to visit the canyon, you have to go with a local Navajo tour guide. There is an upper and lower section to Antelope Canyon. Our first stop was Lower Antelope Canyon, which is described as a V shape –  wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. You have to climb flights of stairs down into the canyon. The tour guides pointed at various shapes, such as an eagle or Elvis, and also help with the different camera settings and angles so you can have the best picture.



Around sunset, we went to Horseshoe Bend. I found this spot to be amazing. The roundtrip walk from the free parking lot to the viewpoint and back is around 1.5 miles. There are no barriers on the edge of the canyon overlooking the Colorado River, so it’s up to you how close you want to approach the edge.


The next morning we went to Upper Antelope Canyon. The prime time to visit is around 11-1, so you can see the sunbeams. Upper Antelope Canyon is the opposite shape of Lower Antelope Canyon; it’s wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. Regardless of the temperature, inside the canyon is nice and cool. It was truly amazing to walk through the canyon. The guides would throw sand up into the air so we can see the sun beams as they filtered into the canyon. If you are taking pictures on your iPhone, it was recommended to use the Chrome setting.




All the walking does work up an appetite. We ate at these two places:

Big John’s Texas BBQ – This is an old gas station. The ribs were delicious.

El Tapatio – Mexican food. This place had large entrees, definitely good to share with two people.

Photos by CH


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