Fruit Picking in Brentwood, CA

Staying relatively local for the Memorial Day weekend, JC and I went cherry and peach picking in Brentwood. We started first with cherries at Nunn Better Farms. Buckets are provided and it’s $3.50 per pound. MDW is towards the end of the cherry season so the majority of the trees were all picked already, but there was still plenty of cherries to be picked. I would recommend bringing a small ladder if you want to reach the cherries on the higher branches. The cherries were very sweet!



Our next stop was white peaches at Peter Wolfe Farm. Buckets are also provided and it was about $1.75-$2 per pound. As we picked our peaches, we were enjoying how wonderful they smelled. I would recommend picking a variety of ripe and firm peaches. The ripe ones were so extremely juicy that we would couldn’t help eating some right after we left the orchard. At both farms, JC and I enjoyed placing some bets on how many pounds of fruit we had picked (JC won both times).


For more Brentwood fruit picking information, visit here and use this map. Make sure to bring cash!


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