Every surfer girl’s essential item in the trunk of her car is an Eskyflavor hat to protect her eyes and cover that wild, beach wave-tousled hair after a tough surf sesh.  I hit the LA beaches annually to catch up with friends and longboard at Venice Beach.  As I was strolling down Abbot Kinney boulevard, I stopped by a boutique to browse a colorful range of Eskyflavor hats designed by the iconic pro wind surfer and visionary artist, Mickey Eskimo.


Each mesh cap represents a different city, a lifestyle, and vibe.  The “Venice” cap was well coveted by the locals in Venice Beach and much to my dismay, was sold out.  I contacted Mickey Eskimo thereafter in hopes that he would have that hat in stores soon.  Mr. Eskimo, the king of cool, went ahead and gifted me the item- all the way from his home in Maui.  I’m a massive fan of this surfer brand and my personal collection of Eskyflavor hats keeps growing.


(pictures source-SK)


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