Rocking Fresh Kicks- 24K Gold

As a skater girl, I am always on the hunt for some fresh new kicks to rock during my skate sesh.  Of course, functionality comes first before style, though compromising design is barely an issue when I find a pair of fresh Nike kicks.

nike gold vandal his

My jaws literally dropped when I spotted these pair of 24k* gold-like Nike Women Vandal Hi’s on the shelf of a shoe store frequented by fashion forward sneaker freaks.  20 minutes later after trying several different sizes, these kicks were walking out the store with me to the nearest skate ground.

The soles of these shoes are flex and flat, which allows for a stronger balance on the trick board and closer boardfeel.  These thin soles contribute to a lightweight feel for landing tricks more easily.  I do not even need to break these shoes in due to its signature smooth features.


*disclaimer-These kicks are not 24k gold, though a girl can dream.  😉

(photos source- sk)


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