Flight #003 – Destination: DJ Savi

On behalf of the entire crew Casual Details, welcome aboard Flight #003-Destination: DJ Savi.

Electronica has the innate ability to transport me back in time to wistful memories of where I first heard these house melodies at Marquee Day in Las Vegas.  I was lucky to catch DJ Savi when he played his first set of signature, energy-charged mashups and songs at Marquee Day.   Since then, Marquee undoubtedly locked him into a residency.


To display my utmost form of candor, I was never a fan of mashups.  DJ Savi’s music has completely changed my perspective though.  When he plays songs like Seven Nation Army in his Goal Digger mixtape, the emotional reaction from the crowd perpetuates the positive vibes as he continues to play energetic house songs mashed with vocalist tracks that I never would have imagined to be effortlessly put together.

I did a quick meet and greet with the humble and talented DJ Savi as soon as Dash Berlin began playing.  I am beyond excited to hear about his future plans and original creations to come.


Ladies and gentleman, have a safe flight and see you next on Flight #004-Destination: DJ Logik.

(photos source-Doubledecker, SK)


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