Welcome aboard, Jetsetters – Milano

Ciao bella from the fashion capital of Milano!

Wishing a nostalgic “arrivederci” to Venezia, I packed my bags as I took the bus toward my final destination in the romantic country of Italia- Milano.  Milano is a trendy, fashion forward city that is undoubtedly the key attraction for young fashionistas.  Since clothing is produced in Milano as opposed to overseas, the retail prices of such garments are a bargain.  Some say Milano fashion is two years ahead of all the so-called fashion capitals of the world.  Even the coke cans are so slim and trendy.


The world-renowned Teatro all Scala (“La Scala”), an elegant opera house, is located near the Milano shopping district of Corso Bueno Aires.  In addition to hosting one of the finest operas in the world, the La Scala also is home to the La Scala Theatre Academy which trains many of the finest students in the arts.


Adjacent to the Vittorio Emmanuele II Gallery, the  magnificent Duomo Cathedral engaged all of the locals and tourists in the square.


A McDonald’s cafe is located right behind the Duomo.  Hands down, this is the best decaffeinato latte macchiato I have ever tasted.  (Sorry San Francisco and Seattle coffee!)




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