Flight #002 – Destination: Goldroom

On behalf of the entire crew Casual Details, welcome aboard Flight #002-Destination: Goldroom.

Palm trees, slow sunsets, and mojitos- “Embrace” mischievously sweeps me away to my Venice Beach roots as a longboarder beach girl.  Josh Legg of Goldroom is known for his appreciation of palm trees and “tropical” soundtracks to any beach bum lover.  As a constant daydreamer of surfing and longboarding at the beautiful beaches in LA, I had no choice but to fall in love with this music.

I was beyond excited to hear he would be playing in my home city.  To my  initial dismay, he was playing at a private party.  Not to worry, Goldroom saved the day by placing some of his lucky fans (including me!) on the guest list.  As soon as I arrived, I gave  Goldroom a big bear hug as a token of my massive appreciation.


Even in the chilly evening of San Francisco, Goldroom and Viceroy spinned the night away with a well-curated summer soundtrack that led me to escape  to the fun times I had in sun-kissed Los Angeles.


Ladies and gentleman, have a safe flight and see you next on Flight #003-Destination: DJ Savi.

(pictures source-SK)


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