Welcome aboard, Jetsetters – Venezia

Ciao bella from the enchanting city of Venezia!

I boarded the train from Mogliano Veneto to Venezia St. Lucia and upon exiting the train station, breathed in awe at the intricate fretwork of canals and bridges.  The transport system for this city comprises mainly of boats- police, taxi, postal, and medical dispatch.


I began my adventure with a private boat trip to the Venetian Lagoon with stops at the islands of Murano and Burano.  Murano is home to one of the oldest glass factories.  A 20-year veteran in glass making, this artisan demonstrated the meticulous preparation and skills required to make a glass horse.  More than a decade of learning is required for those apprentices wishing to pursue this profession.  The art of glass making is becoming a rare art as younger generations head to metropolitan cities for their careers.


Away from the hustle and bustle of lively areas like St. Mark’s Square, Venezia is seemingly calm and demulcent as gondolas slip through the narrow crevices among residential homes on the waterways.


Buon Appetito!  Naturally, I could not let the opportunity of an obligatory food picture disappear.  Seafood pasta at its best (and  I mean that)!  Compliments to the chef!


Arrivederci! … Andiamo to Milano!

(pictures source- SK)


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