Welcome aboard, Jetsetters – Firenze

Ciao bella from the historically gorgeous city of Firenze!

Throughout my entire stay here, I was completely in awe by the incredulous preservation of sculptures and monuments.  In contrast with the ancient art, Firenze also is certainly a city of aesthetic expression as younger generation of artists are marking their imprints into this ever evolving central hub.  Everywhere I went in Florence, doors of electrical switch boxes were lively animated with modern twists on classical busts painted by street artist Blub.  Can anyone recognize who this is?


Even in the month of  March, “Firenzians” suntanned by the Arno river on this unusual yet welcoming, warm afternoon.


The Arno river transforms from a lively, bustling shopping area into a dulcet, romantic evening as couples walk their dogs in the adjacent dog park overlooking this course.


During my final stay in Firenze, I was one of the lucky few to make an after-hours visit to La Certosa, a 14th century Carthusian monastery located in Galluzzo.  I am still baffled by the expansive use of the color palette in this monastery.


Arrivederci…Andiamo to Venezia!


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