Flight #001 – Destination: Flume

Ladies and gentleman, my name is SK and I’m your guest blogger and chief attendant on this flight.  On behalf of the entire crew Casual Details, welcome aboard Flight #001-Destination: Flume.


Flume’s music is the perfect soundtrack as I jetset to any destination.  I find it arduous to describe his sound, and oddly enough, that is what is most appealing about his music.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Flume before his show in San Francisco at the legendary venue of Rickshaw Stop.  As soon as he finished his soundcheck (of course, after the  whole obligatory “fan girling” spiel of taking pictures and requesting him to sign an album copy), I had a quick chat with him about his music.  A humble gentleman with a keen knack for percussion and hip hop soul, his remixes shed a whole new light and perspective on interpreting the original songs of artists.


Ladies and gentleman, have a safe flight and see you next on Flight #002-Destination: Goldroom.

(pictures source-SK)


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