Welcome aboard, Jetsetters – Roma

Ciao bella from the picture perfect city of Roma!

Impossible to take a bad picture of the ever so charming “Eternal City,”  Roma is historically well preserved and filled with splendors of ancient monuments and cathedrals.  As soon as I stepped foot in the city of Roma, I began my tour of classical Rome as I walked through the narrow, residential and business alleys of the city towards the Colosseum.  The narrow alleys are what makes Italia charming.  In ancient Roma, no structural, geometric mapping plan of streets existed.  Rather, the Romans built streets in whichever direction they wished.  Getting lost in these alley ways are inevitable if one doe not pay heed to where they are going.


Devoted to the preservation of culture, generations upon generations of Romans made sure to save the remnants of traditional sculptures as they began building and constructing office buildings.  The crevices of buildings still house these ancient sculptures as people began to build around these carved figures.


 Of course, a visit to Roma would not be complete without a tour of the famed Colosseum, where fights for glory and freedom among gladiators and exotic animals entertained the Romans.


One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Fontana di Trevi, a fountain located in the Trevi district of Roma and a cornerstone for notable films like “La Dolce Vita.”  Several thousand euros are estimated to be thrown in the fountain every day.


Arrivederci! … Andiamo to Firenze!

(pictures source-SK)


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