Chromeo – Jealous

O Chromeo, Chromeo! Wherefore art thou Chromeo?  Since their 2010 album release of “Business Casual,” Dave 1 and P-Thugg of the Montreal duo Chromeo have been whisking away with their own signature electrofunk style to concoct their heavily anticipated album, “White Women.”

Tentatively scheduled for a summer release in May, their upcoming album gives us a taste of the “feel good” music to come.  “Jealousy,” one of the singles, appropriately sets the ambience for a carefree and uplifting mood on a warm summer drive.

This infectious, 80’s-flavored, retro gem has every fella on the block jamming to these relatable verses- “I get jealous, but I’m too cool to admit it/When the fellas talk to my girl, I ain’t with it.”

Who would want to make these dapper fellas jealous?


  (picture source-


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