Alamere Falls – Point Reyes National Seashore

As a last adventure in SF before my music soulmate ML left for his year long trip to South America, we decided to experience the Bay Area’s surrounding nature by going hiking in Point Reyes National Seashore to Alamere Falls. Alamere Falls is a 1 hour drive north of San Francisco along the beautiful PCH  (Pacific Coast Highway – Highway 1) with stunning views of the coastline. The hike itself was fairly moderate in terms of difficulty and was estimated to be around 7 miles roundtrip. The trail took us through various landscapes from the coast, through the redwood forests, past Bass and Pelican lake, and back out to the coastal cliffs where the falls fell into the ocean.  If you have the urge to experience nature in SF and want to see some awesome coastal views, I recommend  the hike to Alamere Falls. Don’t forget to wear layers and a nice pair of running/hiking boots! The trail at the end of the falls is unmaintained and a little rocky…

Alamere Falls 1

Alamere Falls 12


IMG_20140125_124928446 (1)


IMG_20140125_130345140 (1)



Alamere Falls 1

We’ll miss you ML!! You can follow his South American adventures @himattlock




Photos via JC


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