Santa Cruz Boardwalk

To continue the Taking Back Sunday series into 2014, I’ll share about my weekend trip to Santa Cruz. As a California native, I’m pretty sure my family has taken me to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk as a child but I can’t seem to remember it… I don’t know if it was my childhood urge for fried foods or just to walk along the beach and ride a mini roller coast but I convinced some friends to take a day trip with me and it was awesome! Here are a couple photos from the day.

Santa Cruz 4

We stopped by Pono Hawaiian Grill (Ahi Poke Bowl) for lunch.

Santa Cruz 2

Slightly overcast…but we made it!

Santa Cruz 1

So many deep fried goodness. I ate a fried oreo for the first time and it surprisingly tasted a lot like a Twinkie.

Santa Cruz 3

Undertow Roller Coaster

Photos via JC


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