Peru 2013 – Puerto Maldonado

JC and I both went to Peru in August this year, just a few weeks apart from each other.  August is part of the dry season in Peru. Our trip itineraries in Peru were quite similar – we both had visits to Puerto Maldonado, Cusco, Machu Picchu, and Lima. We also had  some other excursions of our own.

My first stop in Peru was at Puerto Maldonado, which is located in the Amazon portion of Peru. My family and I stayed at the Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion for 3 days, which was located within the Amazon and could only be reached by taking a boat on the Madre de Dios river. The Inkaterra team created a wonderful experience for us. Everything was clean, meals were delicious, and the excursions were fun and educational.  Overall, we had a very enjoyable and relaxing  retreat at the jungle lodge. It was fun to be able to watch monkeys playing trees while we were eating lunch! Besides the main two-story lodge, where the meals were served and there were several guest rooms, Inkaterra also had several cabanas as guest rooms.


Our excursion included visiting a butterfly house, guided nature walks in the Amazon (both during the day and at night), twilight river cruise searching for caiman (similiar to alligators), canopy walk, hike to Lake Sandoval, and a visit to a local farm. It was amazing how clearly I could see the stars at night. My favorite activities were the canopy walk and hike to Lake Sandoval. The canopy walk included walking on seven suspension bridges. We even spotted a sloth just hanging out at the top of the canopy!







The excursion to Lake Sandoval was a half day activity. Lake Sandoval is part of the Tambopata National Reserve. We started with a short boat ride up the river, and then a 3km hike through Tambopata to the lake. Along the hike, we saw a variety of birds (parrots and macaws), monkeys, and insects. We took canoes out onto Lake Sandoval, which was a very calm body of water. While out on the lake, we saw more birds and caimans.





The food at Inkaterra was included in the stay. Breakfast consisted of plantains cooked a variety of ways, fruit, and eggs cooked to your preference. Lunch was buffet side, typically consisting of fried  fish nuggets or chicken/beef skewers, rice, quinoa, and some kind of bean soup (we had lentil, kidney, and lima during our stay) that went great with the rice.  Dinner was a three course prix fixe menu consisting of three kinds of options that were typical Peruvian dishes. The yuca bread was delicious! Appetizer options were either a soup or a veggie tart. Entrees were either chicken, lomo saltado (beef), or fish. Dessert was usually a tropical fruit tart or a chocolate cake. Pisco sour is a very popular Peruivan drink. I  particularly liked passion fruit pisco sours.






Photos by CH


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