Peru 2013 – Nazca & Paracas

The last stop was Paracas, which is a coastal region of Peru and is about a 4 hour drive from Lima. We spent the night in Paracas because we wanted to see the Nazca Lines, which are ancient geoglyphs drawn in the desert. It is still considered a mystery as to why and how the drawings were made. In order to see this drawings, we had to take a small plane and fly over the desert. The plane would tilt from side to side so that passengers on both sides of the plane had a good view. I was concerned about motion sickness, but with the help of dramamine, I didn’t have any problems. Some of the drawings were very well-defined, and some other drawings were faint. It was impressive to see how large the drawings are.






We enjoyed a beautiful sunset at our hotel (La Hacienda Bahia Paracas) in Paracas, a nice way to end our last full day in Peru. Since it was winter, we were unfortunately not able to enjoy the awesome looking pools.





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