Lake Tahoe – Day 3

Our last full day in Tahoe! It was sad to see the long holiday weekend come to end. It was such a relaxing trip, getting away from work and city life.

JC and I decided we wanted to catch the sunrise. Unfortunately, waking up at 5:30 AM, we missed the sunrise. As we were up already, we thought it would be nice to venture on a morning hike. The day before we had hiked upwards on the Eagle Falls Trail, so we decided to hike downwards to Emerald Bay. We followed the path for Vikingsholm. It was an easy walk down, as the road was paved. Since we were there so early, there was no one on the dock or out on the water – offering a peaceful view.



On the way back up to the parking lot, we noticed a vista point area, offering an awesome view overlooking Emerald Bay. There was a small stone wall, just begging to be used for jumping pictures. We couldn’t resist.


We rejoined the rest of the group and went to Pope Beach in the afternoon for some water activities.  We got lucky with parking and was able to park in the lot. We laid out on the beach and some of us rented paddleboards, kayaks, and paddleboats from Kayak Tahoe.



Back at the house, we put some of the water balloons to use. For dinner, we had Italian night with some homemade spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, and wine. We also had a late night visitor – a bat! With some guidance, the bat was able to find it’s way out.

Photos by CH


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