Lake Tahoe – Day 2

Day 2 in Lake Tahoe was full of outdoor activities, lounging, and a surprise piñata.

We woke up early to hike Eagle Falls Trailhead which had spectacular views of Emerald Lake. The hike was fairly easy with waterfalls, boulders to scale, and a relaxing lake at the top to dip your feet in.  I would highly recommend the hike to those visiting South Lake Tahoe. Below are some pictures from our hike!

Lake Tahoe - Day 2

Highway 89

Lake Tahoe - Day 2 (Emerald Bay)

Emerald Bay

Lake Tahoe - Day 2 (Eagle Falls Hike)

Eagle Falls Trail

Lake Tahoe - Day 2

Vista Point

Lake Tahoe - Day 2

Upper Eagle Falls

Lake Tahoe - Day 2 (Eagle Lake)

Eagle Lake

Lake Tahoe - Day 2

Group Picture

After a quick nap, we spent the good portion of the afternoon utilizing our boat dock in the Tahoe Keys Marina while rigorously completing what proved to be a very difficult Panda puzzle…

Lake Tahoe - Day 2Lounging on the Boat Dock

Lake Tahoe - Day 2 (Panda Puzzle)

Panda Puzzle

CH also created an amazing Watermelon Mojito which was a perfect summer drink for the weekend.

photo (17)

Watermelon Mojito

To end Day 2 of our summer Tahoe trip, we finished the night with some homemade tacos, burritos, chips and a surprise piñata for my roommate GW’s birthday!

Mexican Splendor

Mexican Splendor

Country Pinata

Happy Birthday GW!!

Photos via CH and JC


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