Project 365 – Day 60 (Toro Y Moi – So Many Details [Remix Ft. Hodgy Beats])

Had to bring back Toro Y Moi ‘s “So Many Details” from a previous post by CC back in January because it was just so good. What do you get when you combine chillwave + hip hop? An epic remix that takes the original track of “So Many Details” and adds some hip hop flavor with a rhyme verse from Hodgy Beats.

This weekend is NoisePop in San Francisco and I’m really excited to see Toro Y Moi tonight and The Lighthouse and the Whaler tomorrow. I’ll do my best to take good concert photos to share.

If you want to check out Music Project 365 in playlist form, be sure to visit the Casual Details’ SoundCloud page which I’ve been updating daily. I can’t believe it’s been 2 months, 60 days already!

Photo via Toro Y Moi


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