Not Your Typical Ice Cream: @HumphrySlocombe

I FINALLY made it out to Humphry Slocombe!  This is the best part of business trips – eating everything you want to eat on the firm budget 😉

Not Your Typical Ice Cream: @HumphrySlocombeAlthough it was my first time there, I had already read their entire recipe book so I knew exactly what flavors I wanted to try.  I got a scoop of Secret Breakfast and a scoop of Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee.  Apparently I need to make more ice creams with alcohol because MAN does the bourbon lend the ice cream a dreamy creaminess.  I’m one of those that likes her ice cream a little melted on the surface so this was perfect.  The Vietnamese Coffee flavor was good, but I wouldn’t say I would go out of my way for it.  All coffee ice cream is good and this just tasted like a stronger version of most.

photo (3)

By the pint they had flavors like Peanut Butter Curry, Carrot Mango, and Honey Thyme.  AND for beer lovers, you should head on over as it’s currently beer week and Humphry is serving flights of beer ice cream!


2 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Ice Cream: @HumphrySlocombe

  1. I couldn’t help, but laugh when I saw the title of the ice cream “Secret Breakfast”. Who has bourbon and cereal for breakfast!? And who would keep such a thing a secret? But I digress, I would love to try that ice cream.


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