That Time I Studied Abroad…and went to Venice

Best Food:

We spent our first night in Italy wandering the alleys and streets in search of an authentic Italian dinner.  “Nothing with a tourist menu! Nothing with people wearing fanny packs!  We’re going to eat like the Italians do!”  Yeah, that didn’t work out.  As it turned out, we made quite a few circles and kept coming back to the same restaurants we had already passed up, and it’s really hard NOT to be a tourist in Venice.  Did you know on average there are more tourists than residents?  Anyway, after our 3 hour dinner hunt fiasco, we decided to do some research for our next couple of meals, taking advice from Anthony Bourdain.  One of my favorite place we ate at in Venice (honestly it was all good, especially our daily gelatos) was a back-street bacari, or wine bar.  They served glasses of wine with small snacks or cicheti.  We got a nice spread of various cheese, seafoods, and purees with fancy smatterings like pine nuts, olive tapenade and aged balsamic.  I would definitely recommend going and checking some of these out.

Best Picture:


This was totally unplanned!! Gotta love Burano and all of its colors.  If you want to make a short half day trip to explore the colorful fishermen’s houses, have some awesome seafood, and buy some lace? (I didn’t do this but apparently they’re known for their handmade lace) it’s only a short 45 min ferry ride away from Venice.

Best Part:


Venice just looks unreal.  You’re there but you feel like you’re watching an edited video in 1080p.  I swear you can just close your eyes and take a random picture and it could look like the National Geographic cover.  Yes, Venice is too touristy. But it is for good reason.  Go before it sinks!  And honestly the best thing to do there is get lost in the streets.  I made my best friend plan what to do in Venice and when we got there I asked him what we were doing and he just said “get lost”.  haha Turned out to be SO MUCH FUN….and lots of walking so get comfortable shoes.


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