That Time I Studied Abroad…and went to Munich

Study abroad sometimes seems like it never happened.  I remember the first day after getting back from Budapest waking up and thinking, “That was all a dream wasn’t it?  I didn’t really apartment hunt through shady communist-looking buildings in Hungary.  I didn’t really skip two weeks of class to travel up and down Italy.  I didn’t REALLY party on a tram in Krakow with my new friends from Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, WHEREVER!”

It’s been more than two years but I STILL – to the annoyance of anybody that wasn’t there with me – bring up the “one time, in Budapest…” (at least I grew out of band camp. True story).

I really wish I had started a blog while I was there, but I think this may be better.  This way, I get to condense our travels through different cities to the best moments – best food, best picture, best part in general. My main goal is to inspire a little wanderlust in everybody so here goes city #1!


My study abroad semester was from September to December, so my friends and I started planning our trips….around March, when we found out we were going to Budapest!  So we thought we could start off with a bang and make our first trip to Munich for Oktoberfest.  Can you believe that even 6 months ahead of time, hotels were already being booked up?  We ended up sleeping on the floor of a friend of a friend’s dorm room (and napping in the BMW museum) but it was all worth it.  Here are some snapshots from Munich.

Best Food:

Currywurst!! Man you can find these all over but they were SO GOOD in the beer tents.  Basically it’s a sausage with a curry tomato sauce.  Nothing in LA can compare to the real thing.

Best Picture:


Best Part:


Well no surprises here. We came for this and here it is. Oktoberfest – the world famous Bavarian beer festival!! In the midst of a giant festival (think county fair, European style) there are massive beer tents filled with people crowded elbow-to-elbow, singing, drinking, shouting, all of the above! You won’t find a more obnoxiously friendly environment than here, where people travel from all around the world to have a good time. I think even the waking up at 6am to get into a good beer tent on opening day is included in my fond memories. Beware/tip: only 1 Liter beers served here 😉

Click here for a good first time visitor’s guide to Oktoberfest.


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