From purse chain to bracelet

A few years ago, I bought this very functional, versatile, and cute black sling bag. It came with a small removable purse chain, and although I knew I’d never use the chain for its intended purpose, I kept it around because I suffer from a severe case of never, ever throwing anything away, no matter how trash-worthy it is. This week, I finally came up with a quick DIY idea to put the chain to good use. Follow these easy steps to turn a purse chain into a bracelet!


Additional Materials: Pliers, black thread, and needle

Time: Under 15 minutes



  • Fit the chain around your wrist to see which chain feels the most comfortable. This will be the last chain of your bracelet (1)
  • Use piers to open that last chain (2, 3) and remove it (4)
  • Remove the chains that you don’t need and cut about an inch above the last chain (5)
  • Fold the leather strap over (6) and sew the strap down (7).
  • Voila, you’re done (8)!

Happy Bracelet Stacking!



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