Toro Y Moi — “So Many Details” + “Say That”

Toro Y Moi (Chaz Bundick) is gearing up to release his new album Anything In Return out on 1/22. He posted the video for “So Many Details” with a note that a second video would be “unlocked” once 250,000 views had accrued.

“So Many Details” starts in an ambient blur until the beat drops and your girlfriend starts dancing. Then Chaz’s mellow vocal enters and calms your soul while a sonic soundscape of texture captivates your mind.

The video = qt, cars, planes, colors and the ocean.

A couple weeks later “Say That” was released featuring heavy synth bass and chopped up vocal samples with an interesting use of slowly panning sounds between the left and right speakers. Chaz dances several times in the video and even shares a few moments with a tree. The sentence I just wrote may not excite you, but you should watch the video anyways — it is a work of art.

From what I’ve heard and seen I’m expecting this album to be incredible — it’s accesible [danceable] without sacrificing interesting timbres and experimental moments.

Both videos were created by HARRYS.


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