DIY Jewelry Holder

Now that Christmas is over, we’ve all accumulated some new goodies – rings, bracelets, necklaces to name a few. While I always welcome new additions to my collection, I also run into the inevitable problem of how to store these new pieces. My current jewelry holder is already stocked and organized with my existing pieces, so here is my quick and easy solution to accommodate all your new gifts!

Time: Under 10 minutes

  1. Gather materials: You’ll need an empty bottle (I used an old olive oil bottle, but wine bottles are just as good)! For mine, I removed the labels because I prefer the clean glass look and feel. You can remove the label by soaking the bottle in water for 24 hours and then scrapping off the labels with a knife (some labels will even come off themselves once soaked in water for a few hours). You’ll also need an old wine cork. Try to find one that is pretty “intact.” You will also need eight 1-2 inch nails. If you don’t have nails, thumbtacks are good substitutes.
  2. Insert one nail into the top of the cork diagonally. I inserted about 1/2 the nail into the cork. Repeat this so you have 4 nails coming out from the top.
  3. To maximize the amount of necklaces you can hold, place 4 nails into the side of the cork (near the middle of the cork). Again, make sure you insert at an angle so the nail makes about a 30-45 degree angle with the cork.
  4. Insert the cork tightly back into the bottle.

Vuala! This is what your final product can look like:


Right: My new necklace holder holds up to 8 new necklaces! For statement necklaces that tend to be flatter and wider, I hung these on the nails that were on the side of the cork rather than the nails on the top. I found that the horizontal angle held these better. For necklaces that that are primarily “chain-based,” I left these to the nails on the top.

Left: You can of course repeat this process to hold bracelets as well, but another easier method is just stacking them on another wine bottle. This is pretty simple, just look for a bottle with a long “neck.”

Further tips: You can really maximize your necklace holder by putting up to 6 nails at the top of the cork and 6 on the side for a total of 12 necklaces! You can also put some fake flowers into the bottle to make it more visually appealing. If the nails sticking out bother you, you can glue some cute gems on the top of the nails since they have a nice flat surface.



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